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Affirm Worth. Establish Hope. Impact A Generation.

Sponsor a Salvation Army Children's Home or School and make a difference that can change a community, that can in turn change the world.

Become A Sponsor

Around the globe, 1 out of 11 primary-school aged children do not attend school and 1 out of 6 children in developing countries is underweight due to lack of proper nutrition.

Your sponsorship changes these statistics.

A $25 per month sponsorship of a Salvation Army Children's Home, School, or Community Center provides a strong foundation for children living in poverty around the globe to reach their fullest potential by affording access to: nutritious food, medical support, a safe environment, education & spiritual development. 

The Greatest Need right now is

Meals for Children Living in Mumbai's Red Light District

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Making A Global Impact.

Since the beginning of Salvation Army history, advocating for the rights of children have been an important aspect of our services and ministry. Now with over 150 years of serving those with the greatest needs, The Salvation Army operates thousands of children's homes, schools, and child development centers in the most impoverished communities around the globe. The Salvation Army's sponsorship program provides the opportunity for sponsors to be part of making a difference in the lives of the children we serve.

Our Global Mission

Our Vision

Motivated by the love of God, The Salvation Army's Sponsorship Program aims to ensure holistic development of children. By demonstrating God's love in action every child will be loved and valued and given the opportunity to reach their full potential and contribute back to their families and communities.

Who Are the Children We Serve?

Around the world, thousands of children receive care and support in Salvation Army Children's Homes, Schools, and Community Centers. Coming from situations of abuse, addiction, poverty, and trafficking, their lives have been redeemed from harsh circumstances and hope for better futures have been instilled.