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About Our Sponsorship Program

Learn more about The Salvation Army's commitment to equip children around the world.

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The Children We Serve

Around the world, thousands of children receive care and support in Salvation Army Children's Homes, Schools, and Community Centers. Coming from situations of abuse, addiction, poverty, and trafficking, their lives have been redeemed from harsh circumstances and hope for better futures have been instilled. Sponsorship provides a strong foundation for each child to thrive by directly supporting their need for food, clothing, school fees and uniforms. These are the building blocks from which the children can construct a successful future and give back to their communities. Catch a glimpse inside our programs by watching this video about Joyville Children's Home in the Philippines.  

Sponsorship Changes Lives

Growing up in The Salvation Army Children's Home in Mexico, Claudia* shares the difference that has been made in her life: "I would be in the street. I wouldn't be where I am now. I would be doing doing drugs. We wouldn't have had enough money for me to study. In the Children's Home, I have been given the opportunity to study and to know the word of God." Sponsorship provides children like Claudia with the tools to grow and thrive in a safe and supportive environment as they reach for their highest potential.


Ready To Begin Your Impact?


1. Select a  Salvation Army school, children's home or community center to sponsor

2. Your sponsorship will provide food, clothing, safe shelter, and access to education and spiritual development for the children in your sponsored center

3. Connect with the children you are sponsoring through correspondence & prayer

4. Watch as the children you are supporting grow & thrive & reach their fullest potential